Spring in Cardiff

Just got back from pestering people in Roath Park, Cardiff to have their photo taken by me for a uni project. Hated it! But got it done so fingers crossed I’ve got some good images. Need to spend Monday in the dark room preying they come out OK while I’m developing the negatives. Always such a scary time.

So after that, as it was such a lovely day, I wondered around photographing the wildlife. It’s been days since I went out last so had lots of fun! The coots were starting to build up their nests, saw a pair mating as I wondered past. Saw a great crested grebe struggling with a fish, and for once, I didn’t get started on by a greylag goose!

There were; pochards, canada geese, greylags, barnical geese, swans, coots, moorhens, the black swan, tufted ducks, herring gulls, black headed gulls (some with their summer plumage, as if they’d used their heads for chocolate fondu!)
And my fave spring scene, a buff-tailed bumble bee covered in pollen. (and mites    unfortunately)

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand crisis

So this one thing that has me all rowed over the past few days is the terrible things that have been happening in Thailand! Over the past few days there have been several raids at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) where armed officials have been illegally confiscating animals that have been rescued. This has not been done quetly, or with any consideration for any of the animals involved, they have been treated with aggression and violence. One macaque almost lost its life after being knocked out of a tree by a net into a concrete water container. Having almost drowned, it was then booted into a small cage with no food or water.

Read the full story here:

If you’re a twitter user, you can follow the founder of WFFT, Edwin Wiek here: https://twitter.com/#!/EdwinWiek

And also Lucy Clark, who is the veterinary nurse at WFFT here:

Some of the videos of the raids are very disturbing but the word needs to get out about the horrific things that have been happening. So far many animals have been taken, some to horrible zoo’s!